2 min rule (procrastination), 20+ decision-making tools, 2 — extensions to work faster in Chrome

  1. 2-minute rule
  2. 22+ thinking models and decision-making tools
  3. Free Text expander tool (typing more with fewer keystrokes)
  4. Excellent link/resource organizer tool for Chrome.


Commit to doing ‘it’ just only for a couple of minutes.

The 2-minute rule tricks your mind to see the tiny portion of a big task that can be completed in 2 minutes, which feels easy to accomplish. Focussing for the 2 minutes helps in suppressing mental resistance like anticipation/fear of unpleasant outcomes, and self-doubts.

The initial struggle is the most difficult one to pass. Bait your mind with only 2 minutes of genuine commitment.


untools.co has a collection of 20+ effective, modern, and proven mental models/frameworks for thinking, strategizing, communicating, and better decision-making.

Use cases: uncover the root cause of a problem, choose from the options considering multiple factors, understand complex concepts, estimate the long-term consequences of your decisions, conflict handling and give efficient communication without judgment.



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