Catching Back

After a long break, catching up with my friends here.


Study LESS Study SMART — Motivational Video on How to Study EFFECTIVELY


7 Habits I Avoid to Become Highly Productive | by Anthony J. Yeung

What you shouldn’t be doing if you wish to be productive.


This is from the archive of

10 promising productivity hacks from 10 successful entrepreneurs >

See what you can take out of their experience.

Mental Minimalism for greater productivity >
Goal of minimalism is clarity, peace and mindfulness. Thus, extraordinary productivity.


I’ve been trying few apps in recent times that fall in more than one category of Productivity, Note Taking & Personal Knowledge Management.


iOS/Mac app which brings Tasks, Notes and Calendar in one place and with the trending back-linking feature. Now writing a review which will be published soon.

LogSeq (alternate for RoamResearch)

LogSeq claims to be the privacy first PKM tool (heavily inspired from RoamResearch) which stands out in many features than RoamResearch. A review on LogSeq is on the way.

The Command Browser (for iOS)

The missing part of your PKM. The browser which focus on highlighting what you read and taking it away for your PKM tool like RoamResearch, Notion, ReadWise etc. The tab-management in this browser needs special mention.

That’s all friends. I appreciate your feed back, just reply to this mail 🙂.



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Productivity, Well-being — & Everything in between! Very concise, valuable and <1 min read.